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The pleasures of shopping
Posted: 23 February 2006

Many people derive great pleasure from shopping as it is presently done.To them it is a social affair--doing shopping with your wife on a Saturday morning and having a cup of tea with your wife in the mall afterwards.Will it not be a great pity if the world develops into a planet where people work from home with their computers, order everything they need electronically and watch sports on TV? We are creating a population of uninvolvement; future generations will not interact with each other, will not learn to socialise and laugh, will not know how to behave in the company of others.

Will mega-malls become the ghost towns of the future?
Dateline: 11 February 2010
Since the iPod made digital music fashionable, digital options have eroded the markets of music, movie and computer games retailers. Those in large malls, dependent on huge sales volumes, have been especially badly hit. PC-based home entertainment systems are becoming the preferred viewing, gaming and listening destinations. In the past five years more than 50% of sales volumes have ...
Wolfgang Grulke At one level I agree with you, but on another you scare ne to death. I would never want my children lo learn to socialise and build relationships based on what they see in shopping centers.

The fact that many of these retailers will disappear from malls has nothing to do with our social world, it has to do with changing consumerism - we will just find other ways to satisfy the consumer opium, faster and cheaper.

At a completely parallel level we all have the responsibility to build our social, relationship and spiritual lives - and not to belive that shopping centers can do that for us!
Posted: 23 February 2006 at 11:31
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