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What about the anaesthetics?
Posted: 26 June 2008

I can understand that surgery can be performed by robots, but I would be loath to be operated in the absence of a real, living anaesthetist on site. Anaesthesia is far too complicated to be performed under remote control.Surgery is a mechanical process, anaesthesia is an art coupled to a deep understanding of physiology, pharmacology and internal medicine.

Another blow for traditional health care as virtual doctors rule
Dateline: 26 May 2012
It all started way back in 2008 with consolidating patient records. Next came online medical consultations. And now the latest revolution in health is...Google Surgery! Thousands of Google Health members are having cut-price minor surgery in low-cost neighborhood clinics. Highly-qualified surgeons are wielding the virtual scalpel - often from thousands of kilometers away! In fact, it's a ...
Shorty Short As long as one behaves according to the algorithms built into the process, and giving a drop of blood or just breath?, surely nothing can go wrong .... go wrong ...

Scary stuff to think about. Hope there are going to be many guinea-pigs willing to test the system for me then.

Will the ability to pay eventually override the negative perceptions, goose-bumps and all?
Posted: 26 June 2008 at 16:22
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