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Food for the future
Posted: 18 June 2013

Cities have always been closely connected to resources and channels of communication and supply. Bigger cities are also usually more productive. But as cities get bigger and more numerous, supply of basic products like food can be critical.

In the future, will we see drones delivering fresh staples to city markets, or will we just grow the food where it's needed - indoors and on the roof?

Can city farms feed a hungry world?
18 June 2013
There will be billions more hungry people in 2050. Growing our food on vertical farms or under radical new lighting systems may be key to ensuring they ...
Indoor farming produces fresh food where it's needed - in the store
Dateline: 1 May 2030
New thinking in urban design, plus new technologies, are turning city blocks into self-contained 'country villages'. Hydrogen fuel cells and community ...
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