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Economy booms Employment falls
Posted: 10 May 2007

LEAN thinking- taking the human congestion factor out of systems.

The global automotive industry introduced LEAN manufacturing systems and has perfected this process to optimise use of resources both physical and human. Toyota has been spectacularly succesful with this thinking. Recently the LEAN philosophy has been taken into the service industry where the British National Health has introducted LEAN thinking into hospital services in a very successful attempt to improve service levels to patients. [Reference is a recent article in the Johannesburg Star business section].
It is only a matter of time before this thinking is taken into all service industries and used to optimise scarce and expensive human resources which inevitably means removing the human factor and replacing it by effective systems and IT, whilst at the same time improving client service levels by significant amounts and creating a strategic service "product differentiation".
In the NHS case figures were quoted for patient admission delay queues being reduced from hours to minutes, as well as delays for drug administering from dispensaries being reduced down to minutes as well as elimination of dispensing errors.

If you're not an entrepreneur, prepare to be unemployed
Dateline: 12 December 2012
Last week's Fortune 500 conference hosted in Berlin reported sobering numbers. Globally, 2007 was the peak year for the number of people in formal employment in large companies. For the past five years the numbers have dropped each year. Now they are down by more than 20 million jobs. Today's global leaders are increasing their economic power, but are shedding formal jobs at an alarming ...
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