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Virtual Assistant For The iPhone
Posted: 28 May 2009

Siri: A Powerful Virtual Assistant For The iPhone
"A new paradigm for using the Internet is about to begin: Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are coming to a mobile device near you.

This week, a stealth startup will demonstrate the first public version of their mobile virtual assistant, Siri. This may mark the beginning of the era of consumer-grade virtual assistants on the Web."

Virtual PA re-writes the rules of office efficiency
Dateline: 14 November 2014
At the annual Service Excellence Awards banquet in New York, Electra Speed, a virtual personal assistant from Virgin Stars, won the top honour against stiff competition from fellow virtual assistants entered by Apple's iAssist, Microsoft's Mania and Google's Gurus. It's notable that of the fifty finalists, only two were real people. Jane Slack, CEO of the world's largest virtual placement ...
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