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Fake food from solar power
Posted: 25 July 2017

Yes, creating edible protein from electricity just became a reality. Although this was done in the lab, it could be scaled up to produce food for livestock or say, refugees from a shipping container sized 'factory'.

Food From Electricity project bears its first protein-rich "fruit"
25 July 2017
A Finnish research project has created a batch of protein using electricity, water, carbon dioxide and microbes, in a small portable lab. The stuff is ...
Synthetic proteins and carbohydrates essential to safely feed burgeoning world population
Dateline: 1 May 2017
Manufactured and processed food is the healthy alternative these days. It's also more economically viable, and the only way to feed a global population ...
Doug Vining And look at the dateline on the attached MindBullet. Our scenario was spot on!
Posted: 25 July 2017 at 11:14
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