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The internet of tiny, smart, things
Posted: 11 June 2018

Pete Warden, in a recent blog post, shares his vision for the future of machine learning, offloaded to tiny devices that run with very low power requirements. If you're interested in the future of smart devices, and how these things could change the way industries and businesses operate, then it's well worth a read. And I think the MindBullet I've linked below is entirely relevant.

Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny
11 June 2018
When Azeem asked me to give a talk at CogX, he asked me to focus on just a single point that I wanted the audience to take away. A few years ago my ...
High performance computing is embedded everywhere and virtually free
Dateline: 22 September 2022
Moore's Law says, in essence, that computer processors become twice as powerful, and half the price, approximately every two years. Over time that sort of ...
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