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US abandons copyright
Posted: 26 March 2006

The key issue not dealt with - nor to my knowledge does CopyLeft adequately address is - is the matter of compensation. How do authors, musicians, poets, etc, make an honest buck if no-one along the chain is paying anything? And what incentive then is there to creative people to produce creativity? There has to be some form of economic model that rewards people for their work.

This year there will be more authors than readers
Dateline: 12 June 2015
In an increasingly open world it seems that the idea of traditional copyright protection has just become an anachronism. The internet, the cell phone and 'free' wireless broadband have changed the dynamics forever. This year there will be more authors than readers, more artists than listeners and more news producers than those watching news on television. Everyone has become a writer, critic ...
Frank Winter We need to look at the economic implications at a national and global level too. Science and technology function best when new ideas can circulate freely and find the widest audience. Businesses and governments face constant pressures towards secrecy. As individuals we must be more concerned about openeness. This will help us all make the pie bigger rather than aruing about the size of the slices.
Posted: 2 April 2006 at 06:54
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