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Germany 2040?
Posted: 4 August 2013

Just read a few comments from a report by Steffen Kroehnert, a demographics expert, about a likely future for the euros's gearbox economy in 2040. He says that Germany will likely have lost 30% of its population due to having Europe's lowest birth rates (1.36 per person vs 1.98 in the UK), and influx of well-educated young from other EU countries will not make a significant difference in the long run. So, how devastating will the effects be on the Eurozone economy and on social and health-care systems in Germany when there will likely be nine pensioners for every ten people in work?!

EU contemplates expulsion of founding members
Dateline: 12 June 2010
Tomorrow the EU will table a proposal to jettison three of its founding members. For years Britain's Sir Tony Blair had warned that Europe was falling behind the world race for competitiveness. Many sat up and listened. Britain heard and acted. But, it was Europe's 'three old men', Germany, France and Italy who didn't hear the sound of the impending tsunami. In 2005, Germany's inability to ...
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