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Robots and cobots
Posted: 9 February 2018

One of the areas where robots are making big strides is in warehousing and logistics. Companies like Amazon and Ocado are reaping big rewards from advanced automation, as this article from the Guardian shows. But what is also interesting is the benefit of robotic systems that directly help human workers to be more efficient - robotic coworkers or cobots. Could this be the magic formula which avoids 'competition for jobs' between people and robots, but rather assigns tasks to the machines that will improve people's work and careers? With the right cobots lending a hand, perhaps we won't need bionic third arms, as suggested in this MindBullet. Or is that just a wearable robot?

Meet your new cobot: is a machine coming for your job?
9 February 2018
As robots slash the time it takes to complete an order at companies like Amazon and Ocado, what does that mean for their human colleagues?
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