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Seld repairing materials
Posted: 5 July 2007

Fascinating, although I suspect the evolution of this technology will be in other areas. Much like the laser, which ended up being used for stuff that nobody had dreamed of, this technology will probably not end up being used for cosmetic purposes (cars and clothes), but for structural integrity and the like.

Anybody wanna bet me a new car on this?

These autos refuse to age - they just repair themselves
Dateline: 19 June 2012
Another new car dealer has gone bust trying to sell the latest models. One can hardly be surprised, as pre-owned vehicles look factory fresh. The secret is in the new DentFree body panels, which lose scratches and marks in a matter of hours, and repair dings and dents overnight. Based on the latest smart organic polymers from DuPont, these panels are made of self-healing materials that ...
Doug Vining You may be right, but just as lasers are used for everyday things like DVD players, these materials will probably have a profound impact on consumer items like clothes, cars, umbrellas, wine glasses and the like.
Posted: 10 July 2007 at 10:50
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