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Outlawing guns
Posted: 26 April 2007

Two issues
1.0 The legislation is too lax on people obtaining mega-lethal [semiautomatic] weapons. The undesirables slip through the checking systems anyway. Banning won't solve the problem but merely drive it underground.
2.0 In South Africa it's alleged that you can rent an AK47 for a USD100 a night and bullets cost about USD20 each from various criminal elements. Where did these weapons come from --leftovers from the Mocambique and Zimbabwe "armed struggle" amongst other sources so banning domestic [vs military] weapons isn't the answer until these sources can be closed off.

It took 1000 deaths to topple the gun lobby
Dateline: 11 May 2019
The ripples of the largest school massacre in US history had not yet settled when the US Congress, House and Senate, yesterday passed an emergency motion to ban all guns and rifles in private hands. Last month's multiple gun spree at Montana's top high school left exactly 1000 students and teachers dead, and was planned by a group of twenty students to coincide with the 20th anniversary of ...
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