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A home for digital nomads
Posted: 6 August 2018

The gig worker's life is becoming increasingly nomadic, and people who live as digital nomads increasingly have nowhere they call home. They also need unique products and services that suit their lifestyles. Recognising that the gig economy is becoming a bigger and bigger portion of the global economy, and looking to attract talent to their country, Estonia has produced a digital nomad visa, which allows them to work and live there for up to a year. Estonia shows it is thinking about the future!

Migration is the new normal as ultra-mobility ramps up
Dateline: 28 October 2023
In the face of a constant flood of political and economic refugees, as well as 'citizens of the world,' geographic borders are becoming an increasingly archaic concept. People who have a home in Africa and an apartment in France, or Spain, are so tired of being quizzed by banks and online markets for 'Country of residence' and then treated like that's their only language or national ...
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