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Local is lekker??
Posted: 31 July 2006

FutureWorld suggested, when we wrote this MindBullet, that it would be WalMart with whom Barrows would partner in this new digital advertising venture. But, it seems, Barrows has cdecided local is lekker! The company announced today (31 July 2006) that it had sold 50% of its Merchint product to SA media house Primedia. See the full story in Business Day online at

Point-of-Purchase interaction finally kills the TV ad
Dateline: 12 March 2012
In 1941 Bulova became the first to advertise on TV, to a tiny audience of a few hundred New Yorkers. As last night’s episode of "Desperate HouseHusbands" ended in tears, a commercial was flighted for Bulova Watches. CBS has confirmed that this will be the final ad flighted on their commercial channels. Bulova paid US$ 9 for their ad in 1941 and, through a special arrangement with CBS, they ...
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