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Art, collectibles and other valuable competition?
Posted: 30 August 2013

For some, the price paid for art pieces, collectibles or relics of one kind or another, represents the buyer's valuation of owning the piece for its artistic merit, 'presence', visual impact, bragging rights etc. For others it may be just the value of decorating a space with the object. Whatever the driver of value, new alternatives will surely have some impact? In this fascinating project, a joint venture with a recognised art museum, art is being replicated with 3D printers to an astonishing level of accuracy and effect! I guess my friends will know that my Van Gogh is not real as they will know that I could just not afford the real thing! But it still looks pretty authentic though!

Van Gogh in 3D? A replica could be yours for £22,000
30 August 2013
Museum develops hi-tech replicas of Dutch master – accurate right down to the frame
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