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We did it first though :)
Posted: 20 February 2009

The mass exodus of businesses from the Johannesburg Cbd to that "greener pasture" that was Sandton/Rivonia way back when. I think it's likely many businesses now in the Sandton Cbd could be in the second phase - looking for greener pastures again.

Individuals and businesses in Hong Kong take off for greener pastures
Dateline: 11 November 2011
"Hong Kong has all its eggs in one basket - and that is labeled 'stocks and shares and property'." So screamed one headline in Hong Kong's South China Morning Post (the SCMP) in early 2010. With the bottom of the credit crisis nowhere in sight, China's export market has been severely dented, taking Hong Kong's trading business along with it. Lack of available credit has forced many SMEs to ...
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