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Africa rising
Posted: 17 January 2011

Will this be Africa's decade? After the successful staging last year of the football World Cup in South Africa, the evidence is mounting that Africa's economies are seriously on the rise. The Economist puts no fewer than SEVEN African countries into its predicted Top Ten Fastest Growing Economies over the next four years.

Move over, Asia: new economic powerhouses are in Africa
17 January 2011
Just the other day, my SmartPlanet colleague Christina Hernandez reported on her discussion with Samasource founder and CEO Leila Janah, who discussed how information technology is bringing new opportunities to impoverished corners of the world. She cited the example of an entrepreneur who was building a digital conversion business in Nairobi, Kenya.
Doug Vining The Wall Street Journal thinks so. Read their series on Africa Rising here
Posted: 18 January 2011 at 07:25
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