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Posted: 2 December 2010

You were ingenious at one stage when I started looking at your site

I strongly recommend that if you have nothing to say then please rather say no new news is relevant,, this is drivel

President Sarah Palin equates WikiLeaks with Al-Qaeda
Dateline: 16 September 2013
WikiLeaks has joined the 'Axis of Evil'. The latest revelations of US military plans led to the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers. President Sarah Palin has now declared the WikiLeaks website a terrorist organization on a par with Al-Qaeda. Echoing her own Facebook page comments from 2010, President Palin said that WikiLeaks director Julian Assange is "an anti-American operative with ...
Wolfgang Grulke This may be "drivel" to you, but what if it comes to pass!? Better to be ready for all possible futures.
Posted: 2 December 2010 at 11:56
Craig Usswald Thanks Doug, views noted with respect and I appreciate the logic and therein lies the dilemma, as topical as it may be I really suggest that Mind bullets stays above this unfortunate fray. Giving credence to this and joining the mass reaction to these one minute opinion polls is in need of careful consideration. As a new resident in the USA, if this is the presidential future then so be it, but feeding the machine does no good, it does not disseminate wisdom from trash it merely considers traffic as an indication of credibility. So my point is, do not become part of the traffic if the fundamental is flawed because it will not recognize, structured or tongue in cheek dis-missives it merely rates debate and downloads as success, here I am falling into the same trap :)
Posted: 2 December 2010 at 13:16
Doug Vining On the contrary, Craig, this scenario goes to the heart of the debate around privacy and transparency and freedom of information. Have you read the links to this story? Sarah Palin has said these very things on her Facebook page which has 2.5 million fans. We think the possibility of Palin becoming president and turning her opinions into executive orders is a relevant scenario to consider, even if it is unlikely. I recommend you engage with the topic if you feel strongly about it.
Having said that, we value all feedback, please keep the comments coming!
Posted: 2 December 2010 at 07:07
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