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Sci-Fi vs reality
Posted: 13 June 2006

Like most new tech things coming out of labs the scale and potential of the application is not always as perfect as the theoretical potential purported by the researchers. They are fighting for research grants and have to do their own marketing. I expect there are "invisible attributes" which will have interesting commercial applications beyond the "magic cloak" image.

Invisibility cloaks declared illegal in private hands
Dateline: 26 May 2011
Since the development of 'metamaterials' that can bend electromagnetic waves - such as light - around an object, the hottest item for geeks and pranksters has been the invisibility cloak, which hides the wearer in plain sight. But use of such devices to invade other people's privacy has always been taboo. Now efforts are being made to tighten up control of invisibility cloaks, making them as ...
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