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Editing your memories
Posted: 7 June 2018

Ten years ago, we published a MindBullet hat suggested it would be possible, one day in the future, to download your memories and sell them to a subscriber who wanted to share your experiences. Now comes news that memories have been edited in living animals for the first time, from UC Berkeley.

Editing living memories demonstrated for the first time
7 June 2018
We all have memories we’d like to change, keep, or even, perhaps, edit, embellish, or erase, and now the technology to do all of these and more, including ...
Latest craze is 'living' other people's lives - to the full
Dateline: 19 September 2019
This weekend I climbed Everest. Next weekend I'm thinking of walking on the moon. But for both, I don't have to leave my armchair in London. Environmental ...
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