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Data vs Politics...whither the State?
Posted: 11 November 2014

Can algorithmic regulation ever replace or seriously challenge the role and relevance of Government inspired and managed regulation? Its a strange but interesting possibility.

The rise of data and the death of politics
11 November 2014
Tech pioneers in the US are advocating a new data-based approach to governance – 'algorithmic regulation'. But where does this leave governments, asks ...
Privacy out the window as Big Data goes naked
Dateline: 1 November 2020
There has been a big push from private enterprise as well as government in the last decade to unshackle data in all its forms and make it easily ...
Doug Vining Not only does the rise of the Internet of Things and Naked Data pose problems for the state, and its relevance in the future, but also for businesses and individuals. This article in the Washington Examiner highlights the dangers of a cyber-dependent world. What would a concerted cyber attack on the power grid do to everyone?

"Our cyber systems are inherently vulnerable," Internet Security Alliance President Larry Clinton said. "They were designed to be open, not secure. The attack community is becoming much more sophisticated. Attack methods available only to nation-states a few years ago are now available to common criminals. In addition, the explosion of mobile devices and the 'Internet of Things' has vastly expanded the surface available to attack."

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Posted: 25 November 2014 at 16:30
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