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Test tube burger for lunch
Posted: 5 August 2013

How about a synthetic real meat burger for lunch? Someone is going to eat one today, at the London unveiling of the first lab-grown meat patty. This must be the world's most expensive burger at GBP 215,000.

Whether it's really necessary to develop fake food to provide for everyone's needs remains to be seen. I think this quote from the attached article is a key indicator:
"The latest United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report on the future of agriculture indicates that most of the predicted growth in demand for meat from China and Brazil has already happened and many Indians are wedded to their largely vegetarian diets for cultural and culinary reasons."

When you consider that US yields of grains like maize are still double the global average, and China's has increased substantially over the past decade, but still has a long way to go, the likelihood that we will need expensive lab-grown meat to feed the starving millions is low; even more so if you believe that global population will top out at 8 billion before 2050.

Add to that the fact that Africa has the most undeveloped, usable agricultural land available, and the problems of hunger seem to be far removed from producing test tube burgers. However, it's a scenario that may still materialise, as this MindBullet suggested some years ago.

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5 August 2013
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