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Save face
Posted: 22 June 2006

As a South African I absolutely agree with the view that this country is incapable of hosting the next FIFA world cup competition.In order to create the necessary infrastructure a country needs excellent expertise--which has left the country long ago.Experts who are still in the country are not accepted.
The racial polarization is worsening by the day--mainly due to the enormous criminality which is not addressed by the government.
A split in the ANC is inevitable:on the one side we will have the Zuma, Cosatu and SACP factions with little regard for and understanding of running a country in this modern world and on the other side the moderate, thinking group following Mbeki and other intellectuals who have an understanding of te way the world funtions.In this split the non-blacks will support the enlightened Mbeki faction.Regardless of who wins, the country will be in a turmoil and luxuries like world cup competitions will be out of the question.

ANC unity crumbles as majority alliance splits
Dateline: 2 May 2009
The May Day celebrations were muted this year as ANC factions licked their wounds and tried to determine what the Good News message could be to members and the electorate after their acrimonious split at the party conference ten days ago. A year of crippling strikes has already delayed construction of major facilities for next year's FIFA World Cup in South Africa and been the catalyst for ...
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