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Japan gets it for 2022
Posted: 15 August 2010

Holographic TV Dreams in Japan 2022 World Cup Bid (Network World) … Forget 3D TV, Japan is promoting the idea of ultra-realistic holographic broadcasts and the ability to zoom a virtual camera in behind players on the pitch if it secures the 2022 World Cup. Japan proposes expanding the World Cup to all 208 FIFA member nations through fan-fest events that will feature live, holographic coverage of the games. Fans will gather in stadiums thousands of kilometers from the action and watch the games as if they are taking place in front of their eyes.

New technologies give massive boost to the bottom line
Dateline: 28 June 2018
It seems like the furor around 'the bizarre secret society of fallible referees' that so dominated the 2010 World Cup is now a distant memory. Technology has finally won the day and become an integral part of this game too. The technology is now an absolute pre-requisite of every first class football match; social interaction with the fan base has blossomed and profits have come flowing back ...
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