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Negativity towards Tourism
Posted: 25 August 2017

Unfortunately, this fictional article is becoming a reality in some parts of Europe. I can see it become even more of a reality in future, but I hope it doe not. Travelling and seeing the many wonders of the world is something I enjoy and have been privileged to do a lot in my career. That ahs made me a better person, with more exposure to different cultures and lifestyles, that I would never have done, if I had remained in the original village and country where I was born.

Local activists stirring up resistance to the invasion
Dateline: 11 August 2019
"It's worse than migration," says an Arran spokesperson, "they are destroying our neighbourhoods and culture!" Arran is the radical anti-tourist movement in Spain. In Barcelona, Rome and Venice, protest marches have turned violent, and travel advisories have been issued by British and American authorities. Tensions between hordes of foreign tourists and nationalist locals have been ...
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