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Online shopping like Second Life
Posted: 20 February 2009

Marketing professor says online shopping will look something like Second Life in the future

For all of the conveniences of online shopping -- no crowds, easy parking, seemingly endless choices -- it can't always compete with the real thing. At least not yet. A Kansas State University marketing professor said consumers can expect that some of the disadvantages of online shopping will ...

It's the end of call centers as avatars provide the human touch
Dateline: 1 July 2012
With the launch of the new OmegaWorld virtual reality browser, shopping is much more of a 'real' experience. Stroll down the virtual high street, and all the stores are at your fingertips. Simply touch a door marked Amazon or eBay, Nike or Ferrari, and you enter a vast world of products, helpful sales assistants and friendly cashiers - all of course in the form of great-looking 'avatars' ...
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