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Bionic leaf grows better plants
Posted: 5 April 2017

"Like their natural counterparts, artificial leaves take in sunlight to generate fuel. In the case of the latter, that solar energy is used to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen, and that in turn has been used to create liquid fuels and electricity. Now, a Harvard team has added a new function to their repertoire, turning artificial leaves into low-cost, portable fertilizer factories."

Bionic leaf turns sunlight and bacteria into fertilizer factories
5 April 2017
Already used to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen, and in turn create liquid fuels and electricity, artificial leaves now have another string to ...
Nano-machines do photosynthesis better than leaves
Dateline: 12 June 2030
What started as a bold project at Imperial College London in 2009, has now reached its first stage of commercialization in the deserts of north ...
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