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Printing up a new industry
Posted: 23 September 2014

3D printing is becoming big business. In fact it's building an entirely new industry. There are still many challenges and obstacles to be overcome, but think back on the original personal computer industry, and how that stumbling infant grew to be the giant commodity industry it is today. There are several niche industries being spun out of the development of 3D printing, and new metal powders is just one of them.

How 3D Printing Will Impact Your Future
23 September 2014
Approximately 40 manufacturers sell the 3D-printers most commonly used in businesses, and over 200 startups are developing consumer-oriented machines.
3-D printing creates unusual alliances
Dateline: 26 August 2016
Five years ago, it would have seemed an unlikely partnership. But the alliance announced today between BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining group, and ...
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