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Human vs Machine
Posted: 4 August 2014

On top of IBM's Watson cognitive system being tested as an advisor to executives comes the news that Elon Musk is hyping super AI as "dangerous." Any advanced technology can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but is it the cynic in me thinking he may just be generating publicity for his recent investment in Vicarious?

Elon Musk Says Artificial Intelligence Could Be 'More Dangerous Than Nukes'
4 August 2014
In an inspired weekend Twitter mini-rant, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk called artificial intelligence potentially more dangerous than nuclear ...
Machines that think for themselves are taking over the world
Dateline: 22 February 2022
In our quest to develop smarter, more powerful, less power-hungry computers and devices, we have created artificial intelligence that rivals that of the ...
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