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Twitter Vigilante Justice
Posted: 17 May 2018

As our social media profiles become more and more important to our real-world lives, our '(social) social credit score' is increasingly at the mercy of the social media justice league. In the link attached, the perpetrator clearly seems to have deserved his digital lynching. Looking to the future, however, its easy to see how having your social media profiles blocked or your digital reputation tarnished by the digital mob (deservedly or not) could lead to serious real world complications. Especially when you consider how banks (Absa for example) and brands (Alibaba) are using social media data to determine your real-world credit score. Being cast into digital purgatory could result in being blocked from transacting in the real global economy.

Fast Company on Twitter
17 May 2018
“Online sleuths found and shared the identity of a man caught on video berating two Spanish-speakers at the speed of Twitter Justice (read: very fast).”
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