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Custom chips for AI on the edge
Posted: 3 May 2019

Over a year ago, we published this MindBullet about new chip architectures, designed to run deep learning algorithms on devices, rather than supercomputers. What's known as AI on the edge. More chip makers like Nvidia and Samsung are collaborating with companies like Tesla and Amazon to create these super efficient chips. Think cars, drones and smartphones that have powerful AI capabilities, even when they're not online. A hard trend to watch!

This chip was demoed at Jeff Bezos’s secretive tech conference. It could be key to the future of AI.
3 May 2019
The chip on show at Amazon’s MARS event—alongside karate-chopping robots and Martian bases—is many times more efficient than conventional silicon chips.
Intel's new brain-like chip puts machine learning in the heart of your device
Dateline: 29 September 2018
AI is dead. Long live accelerated AI. Now deep learning by computers has been internalised in the CPU, the very heart of the machine. It's called ...
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