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Complex issues
Posted: 18 April 2008

This MB touches on some complex issues that deserve to be unpacked in more detail. There are two issues here. 1 the world's food production capacity taking strain because of weather, unsustainable water management and pressure from growing populations. The closing remark sums up the essence of the message 'this is a war about food and water'. 2. The fuel vs food (FvF) debate (which is currently misunderstood - not all biofuels are bad, only some are) has many elements that need to be unpacked and may or may not result in direct pressure on food availability depending on what scenarios are considered. Currently the FvF issue is not the reason for high food prices, but the fear is that it could be in future.

Strikes and riots become bloody and lethal
Dateline: 12 November 2013
Fueled by continued growth and prosperity, the world's food shortage has been likened to a war for survival. Now officially in its second year, the 'war' has turned into a real conflict with big casualties on all sides. The huge demand for bio-fuels has turned corn-fields from producing foodstuff to producing the inputs to the ethanol process. The result: less corn and wheat for ...
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