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Welcome flying cars
Posted: 26 September 2017

Flying cars are just a science fiction dream, aren't they? Not any more. Dozens of companies have launched prototypes, and this week, Dubai started first trials of driverless helicopter taxis whizzing through the city skyscrapers.
This is just one example of the radical changes taking place across the world - and the speed at which they are happening. Only a few years ago, the idea of drivers cars seem remote., Now, every motor manufacturers on the planet is working on driverless, electric vehicles.
The future is becoming now - and very, very fast!

Volocopter flying taxi takes unmanned flight over Dubai
26 September 2017
Dubai is moving full steam ahead toward a futuristic skyline dotted with modern skyscrapers and flying taxis by kicking off trials of the Volocopter two-seater aircraft. The all-electric 18-rotor vehicle took to the skies for the first time over the city on Monday as the city looks to establish what would be world's first self-flying taxi service.
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