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Some additional useful info
Posted: 5 February 2007

I like this story - it is a GM goes wrong scenario and contains a "nature fights back" theme to human overcrowding and dominance.

To date H5N1 has a 60% mortality rate amongst humans(see so the ratios mentioned in this MB could be even higher. It interesting why H5N1 doesn't jump to humans very easily (See the work done by Yoshihiro Kawaoka

Such massive culling has to take place simply because the virus spreads fast amongst birds and is highly pathogenic. WHO claims that "the virus spreads rapidly and has a mortality in chickens approaching 100%" (See

KFC re-opens as mutant chickens stopped dead
Dateline: 29 December 2012
The terror is over. A disruptively cold winter has destroyed the uncontrolled breeding of mutant chickens which have swept across South East Asia over the past six months. It is suspected that the mutant chickens originated in North Korea and were their answer to the expanding bird-flu epidemic that forced the mass-culling of chickens and other domestic birds. Korean scientists seem to ...
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