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Global warming
Posted: 3 December 2004

If Pres Mbeki has to go to court about his attitude regarding HIV then surely the USA president and for that matter millions of Americans should face the same or worse accusations for their attitude about energy-gluttony, pollution and global warming. Global warming does not only threaten a couple of million of HIV patients, it is a threat to ALL forms of life on earth.The refusal to support the Kyoto initiative is indeed criminal

AIDS denial leads to investigation of crimes against humanity
Dateline: 12 October 2030
South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki looked old and weary in yesterday's BBC interview. He had just been informed that the International Criminal Court is to investigate whether his actions to deny the existence of HIV and AIDS, and prevarication over the distribution of life-saving medication be considered as a human rights violation. Representing the rights of millions of South Africans whose ...
Doug Vining Of the large industrialized countries, only the United States and Australia have refused to join the U.N. effort. But they account for around one-third of global emissions. The Australian government says ratifying Kyoto would hike power prices and cost the country jobs.
Posted: 7 December 2004 at 14:48
Wolfgang Grulke Does anyone know which other major countries (besides the USA and Australia) have NOT signed Kyoto?
Posted: 6 December 2004 at 08:25
Gavin Chait A fairly contentious point - if industrialisation is at fault then surely all the beneficiaries of those products (i.e. you and me included) are also at fault. However, that neglects an important point. The US is against the ICJ and has not signed the agreement. South Africa has.
Ask yourself which is more likely: will the mighty US agree to extradite an ex-president to stand trial or would they happily assist a tiny poor struggling country to extradite their president? The obvious example is Slobadan Milosovic.
Posted: 5 December 2004 at 16:58
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