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More South African countries
Posted: 6 April 2008

This is also applicable to other Southern African countries such as Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe etc - all benefited hugely from Chinese investment (in 2007 60% of all new construction projects in Mozambique went to Chinese contractors using Chinese labour) but all suffered the same fate - work done by Chinese workers, cultural loss, loss of control/ownership of key resources, etc.

Vicious new wars at home and abroad
Dateline: 2 May 2020
"The Chinese are the new boers!" screamed a May Day rally poster in last night's CNN webcast from South Africa's resource heartland. Hundreds of thousands of workers have downed tools in the mining and financial services industries over the past week and the strikes don't look like they will end any time soon. Reminiscent of the Tibetan uprisings that started in 2008 the Chinese in ...
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