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Other forms of Travel will soon become targets
Posted: 12 September 2006

It will only be a matter of time for smaller airlines and train travel to become equally enticing targets.

I think the day of the 'Body Chip' implant has also now dawned and there must be huge opportunity in this field of personal ID. Where can I go to get my modern version of the 'dog-tag'?

Passengers demonstrate against new travel elite
Dateline: 20 May 2007
"It's discrimination and it's un-American!" So says Elizabeth Negroponte of the American Association for Civil Liberties. Over the past two months a new travel elite has emerged. If a passenger chooses to volunteer and join the 'Super-Passport' queue at major airline departure points around the world, they are treated with the kind of respect normally accorded to visiting heads of state and ...
Doug Vining Speed through airport security by going Clear. 'Private company Clear Registered Traveler prescreens you and lets you zip through security quickly. After your boarding pass matches your government ID and special "Clear Card," you put your Clear Card in a kiosk which will then scan a fingerprint or your iris.'
Posted: 30 January 2007 at 15:33
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