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PC Death
Posted: 3 April 2008

interesting you think this may happen so soon. How do you see the swift evolution of printers, memory and access to the usual ancilliaries in the office environment?
John Stopford

Mobile phones become the new portable computer
Dateline: 5 June 2011
Have you noticed how no-one buys a new laptop these days? Just like VCRs and PDAs, the laptop is so last century. Some say that the iPhone was the catalyst for this, but really it was a simple progression to smaller, more portable and powerful technology, that not only does everything last year's laptop does, but more. And it's a phone and camera - and GPS - too! "I used to carry a ...
Doug Vining I see it more as evolution than death. Already laptops are overtaking desktops as standard equipment for knowledge workers. Many virtual workers, who don't have a fixed office infrastructure, already rely on the web and ultra portable PCs for their routine work. As sub-notebooks get smaller and phones more powerful, they simply merge into the dominant device. The rapidly falling prices of a halfway decent laptop and the fact that you can pick them up at WalMart are indications of a maturing commodity market, so 'death' (or replacement) becomes inevitable. Connection to printers, screens and networks is already commonplace with fancy phones.
Posted: 3 April 2008 at 20:29
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