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Automation is a helping hand
Posted: 12 September 2018

It's pretty obvious that people would prefer machines or robots to do the '3D' work - Dull, Dangerous and Dirty. That gives humans the chance to do more important, rewarding and cleaner things, creative stuff. But what about getting robots to help you do your tricky industrial work? Machines that assist humans, acting as co-workers or 'cobots' are the new fashion in industrial automation. Maximizing human potential - doesn't that sound a whole lot better than robots taking your job?

"The cobots didn't replace any employees," says Peter Felke, President of Kay Manufacturing, which purchased UR's 25,000th unit, in a joint statement with UR. "We were able to meet increased production demand with our existing work force, and we saved twenty minutes of operator time per hour, all while improving our ergonomic work environment and freeing up our staff to handle more value-added tasks."

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