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Committing virtual genocide
Posted: 8 October 2012

In a virtual world, is it a real crime to unleash an attack that creates wholesale destruction of characters? Is it virtual genocide, or just a prank? Sometimes the exploit can have serious commercial consequences.

This MindBullet suggested this might happen in March 2012 - well, it happened a few months later, so that's a pretty good call!

World of Warcraft cities hacked
8 October 2012
Hackers have massacred all the virtual characters in some of online adventure game World of Warcraft's major cities.
Hackers wage war on citizens of prosperous virtual worlds
Dateline: 18 March 2012
Jupiter Stormshadow stares sadly at the remnants of his castle in one of the outlying fifes of Norrath. "All this used to be mine, then the serfs ...
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