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Beyond meat, beyond belief
Posted: 6 May 2019

In a sensational stock exchange debut, new listing Beyond Meat surged 160% on the first day's trading. But is this whole idea sustainable? Company revenues are up, but so are losses. Investors obviously have a lot of faith in a vegan powered future. As we said in our MindBullet, nerds will eventually make cows obsolete; well, at least for steak and hamburgers. But I wonder if this isn't another tech bubble, that will take some time to find its feet. Am I too cynical, or is this just too early to get euphoric about?

Clean meat comes to market
Dateline: 28 June 2019
It's common cause that the meat industry is not very kind to animals, and intensive cattle farming is not very good for the environment in general. What's more, more than enough food is grown globally to adequately feed the world's growing population, but a large part of crop production goes to feeding cows, so that affluent people can enjoy nice juicy steaks. All this while the poor go ...
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