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Siri has a name change.
Posted: 3 June 2013

We all have memories, some not so fond, of the first consumer smart assistant in our phones. Fear not, the smart I-Assistant has been overtaken by the next generation of really smart support...'Watson' I presume ! Armed with voice recognition language barriers will crumble, smart answers will become ubiquitous and teenagers will lose their competitive advantage in arguments with Mom or Dad! Customer service levels should skyrocket and if not, blame your supplier for tardiness. Are we approaching a utopian world of perfect information symmetry? If so, where where will real value lie and who will offer that?

IBM's Watson Headed to Your Smartphone as Customer Service Agent | MIT Technology Review
3 June 2013
The software that obliterated human champions on Jeopardy will now be talking to customers of banks and other companies through websites and mobile apps.
Researcher makes physics breakthrough with artificial help
Dateline: 2 October 2010
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences shocked the scientific community yesterday by announcing that the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to an ...
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