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Socialism and capitalism
Posted: 7 December 2008

I'm a litle dubious. While state intervention in the markets is bringing some kind of stability right now, I am by no means convinced this is good for the market in the long term. Decades of experience have shown that governments are notoriously bad at running virtually anything efficiently. The swing back to state control may well come back to bite us. Government appointees on boards of directors are not necessarily going to be the best thing for entrepreneurship and advancement.

I also think bad decisions are now being taken. The US car industry should collapse. It is ineffecient and out of touch with the market. The bale-out now will simply delay the inevitable.

I think the best opotion is that we end up with "kinder capitlaism" rather than socialism - e.g. direction and regulation from governments to ameliorate the worst excesses of captialism, rather than State ownership.

Individuals demand more predictability - nations get unexpected growth
Dateline: 9 March 2013
The stark economic reality has even sidelined the annual Davos jamboree: US$ 8 trillion has been pumped into world financial systems; banks and a large part of the West's auto industry have been nationalized; interest rates have been cut to virtually zero - the lowest levels in history; unemployment is still rising rapidly and there seems to be no end to the negative legacy of ...
Anton Musgrave Its a set of thoughts, not entirely impossible and remember, it offers a different perspective and gets the question..."what if this were true" going.
Posted: 1 February 2009 at 21:34
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