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New thoughts
Posted: 22 March 2006

Could growing threats of this nature start to shift the demographics of the US east coast with less capital investment in low lying areas?

Could increasing risks in US see a shift to Euro becomming the global currency of choice?

The gold price would rise. With South Africa's ever declining gold production, Russia and other gold producers would see strong rise.

What about technologies to "disrupt" or weaken the force of a tsnunami being devceloped...a giant mid ocean wave disruptor - to dissipate the energy? There was a recent sci-fi movie on use of nuclear blast at earth's core to "re-start" the earth's magnetic field!

Funding this and wars in Iraq/Iran/Afganistan could bankrupt the US.

Canary Islands collapse results in multiple tsunamis
Dateline: 26 December 2011
Boston, New York and Miami were hit by 50-meter tidal waves in quick succession, starting at around 01:30 this morning. It is believed that a minor volcanic eruption at La Palma in the Canary Islands caused a massive collapse of unstable volcanic slabs, twice the volume of the Isle of Man, resulting in monster waves - the biggest yet recorded. Exactly ten years after the first warnings of ...
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