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How would we Earthlings react?
Posted: 15 November 2007

Would we "Colonise" and subjugate the place? Would we hold endless "High-Level" meetings to decide what to do ... and for the most part do nothing? Would we wait until there were reports of WMD there that are claimed to threaten our existence? Would we immediately engage the new situation and build a better place for all?

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Evidence of complex life confirmed on Gliese 581c
Dateline: 12 June 2030
The images that arrived back at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics last night are nothing short of astounding. They clearly show large 'animals' the size of dinosaurs standing in what appears to be swampy marshland on a steamy planet. The new LAMP (Light Amplification by Matrix Propagation) technology has beamed back images from multiple sources across more than 20 light-years, ...
Shorty Short This would be the first valid chance for the human race to rethink just how it is we wish to be governed. My feeling is we'd chuck the politicking for hard economics. Create a model of governance where the only thing the central committee will be allowed to do is create major interconnecting infrastructure - our votes would thus go to the most suitably qualified engineering companies to maintain and expand such networks as may be required. Humanity would flock to the best maintained and built systems since by then of course, mobility would not be an issue.

Every other function that current governments carry out would be completely trashed and outsourced to the most competent entity to do that work. Contracts of not longer than 3 years but could be voted to continue. Voting on issues necessary to maintain quality of life would be by something similar to the Internet. There would be a system in place of continuous operation - companies would not close at 5 and open at 8:30 and be closed over weekends.

The renaissance of the auditing firm would be one consequence and of course employment opportunities would spiral :)
Posted: 22 November 2007 at 20:45
Wolfgang Grulke I'm sure that 'endless meetings' would be the first consequence of such an announcement - closely followed by a million claims that all of this is nothing but a hoax.

I think that this would create a flood of new debates between creationists and evolutionists - after all they can't both be right? Or can they?????

But what of the new business opportunities in all of this? Waht new business would YOU start?
Posted: 19 November 2007 at 16:49
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