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Now 3D printing is mainstream
Posted: 13 March 2014

Does anybody still doubt that 3D printing has moved from the test-lab and the hobbyists' garage to mainstream? And we're just at the beginning of the manufacturing revolution. Its now being used in industrial manufacturing, health, retail;, design and man more places. this space - 4D printing is yet to come! You can read about this in the MindBullet alongside.

Patient has pioneering 3D face op
13 March 2014
A survivor of a serious motorbike accident has had pioneering surgery to reconstruct his face using a series of 3D printed parts.
Dancing atoms will end the age of resource scarcity
Dateline: 18 September 2023
Technology has always driven the progress of manufacturing, from the first time one of our ancestors carved a flint tool, to the Industrial Revolution and ...
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