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China farming facing future crisis?
Posted: 29 August 2013

In recent decades China has quietly transformed its agriculture from hand-tended plots to mechanised farms, and food production has tripled. Hunger rates have declined, and as employment opportunities in the cities have absorbed rural workers, it seems China has avoided the crisis of millions of displaced farmers.

But, as this MindBullet alongside reminds us, China's changing prosperity is also changing their taste and demand for food. Faced with it's historical challenge of having to feed a quarter of the world's population on 7% of the arable land, will China find innovative solutions, or sink into an inflationary scenario in the future?

6 Mind-Boggling Facts About Farms in China
29 August 2013
China's spectacular run as provider of its own food is looking severely strained.
Millions of automobiles and western lifestyles push China's consumption beyond sustainable limits. It's another '70s style stagflation scenario.
Dateline: 25 August 2017
Even as computers and electronic devices become as cheap as the value of their waste components, prices are rocketing up for gasoline, diesel and food ...
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