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Paying for the intelligent web
Posted: 25 May 2015

When everything is connected, and the drones, sensors, cameras and other devices are talking to one another, intelligently, and providing useful real-time feedback to a number of people, communities and businesses, who pays for the computing power, bandwidth and ultimately electric power that these things need to keep functioning?
If there's central control determining the allocation of resources, that will undermine the 'democratic' nature of the emergent intelligence capabilities of such a network. Machines can compete for resources, based on their usefulness in the network, but ideally there would be an automated trading system for all users to support the network.
Enter Ether, a blockchain technology for trading or bartering computer cycles. Such a platform could also be used for trading bandwidth and energy, and develop an entirely automated business model that allows the Internet of Things to pay for itself.
Ether could also power the energy internet. As semi-redundant computing power (idle computers) becomes more ubiquitous, the only real cost involved is the energy to keep them powered up. Likewise energy demand and surpluses on an energy internet would be more efficiently shared if there was an automated, trusted mechanism for setting prices and balancing payments.
That could be the ultimate 'killer app' for the blockchain!

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