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A Black Swan for the hydrogen economy?
Posted: 26 August 2019

Although the 'hydrogen economy' was predicted decades ago, it seemed it might never materialise, because of the high cost of producing hydrogen, which doesn't exist in nature, but has to be manufactured from natural gas or released from water through electrolysis.

Now scientists have invented a method for producing hydrogen gas directly from tar sands and oil fields, without costly surface plant or polluting emissions. If it works in practice and at scale, this could change the game completely for oil companies, and for the future of energy. Link below:

Cheap solar powers the next energy revolution
Dateline: 5 April 2036
Now that solar power has become so ubiquitous and abundant that it's almost free, energy companies are turning to the most efficient and harmless way of storing excess electricity for later use - hydrogen. It's over 30 years since Jeremy Rifkin predicted the hydrogen economy, but it's finally in full swing. The beauty of hydrogen is that it's easily manufactured from water if you have lots ...
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