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Printing body parts
Posted: 18 February 2010

Making a bit of me
A machine that prints organs is coming to market
From the Economist|hig|02-18-2010|editors_highlights

It looks like this MindBullet was spot on - although the dominant technology might be 3D printing rather than 'growing' organs.

Personal stem cell medicine comes of age with Organs-R-Us IPO
Dateline: 15 May 2012
Hot science has suddenly become consumer mainstream. Yesterday's IPO of Organs-R-Us, based in San Diego, has mapped out the future of medicine and hospitals. This is health-care with a difference - everything is personalized, from drugs based on your own DNA and the ability to re-generate body parts. With a plan to open 20 city centre and suburban medical centres during the next 3 years, ...
Wolfgang Grulke We did in fact do a MindBullet on exactly this 3D Printing scenario - it was headlined PRINTING: THE FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING!
Posted: 19 February 2010 at 11:31
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